123GT Sales Brochures

Page updated 23 April 2015

1967 123GT front page 1967 123GT inside page left 1967 123GT inside page right 1967 123GT back page

1968 123GT front page 1968 123GT inside page left 1968 123GT inside page right 1968 123GT back page
B20 123GT front page B20 123GT back page Brochure 1969 JAPAN  

123GT Canadian spec sheet


123GT Owners Manuals

Note: The 1967 'M' 123GT had a 122S owners manual with a supplementary 123GT booklet
The 1968 123GT 'P' had a combined 122S/123GT owners manual

Volvo 123GT Supplement to Instruction Book 1967 122S owner's book 1967

122S and 123GT owner's book 1968

1970access.jpg (200381 bytes)
Volvo 123GT Supplement to Instruction Book 1967 (download below) Owners manual 1967 'M' Owners manual 1968 'P' Owners Manual 1969 'S'
(coming soon)
Owners manual 1970 'T' accessories page
(no mention of a GT model)
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